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Our know-how

We attach great importance to respecting the traditions associated with our brandies and the quality of our products. Our brandies are stored in locally-produced oak barrels, which give them their fine amber colour.

Storage in these ‘pièces’ (400 to 450 litre size oak barrels) allows the brandy to develop a more refined character and more complex aromas. The Armagnac’s alcohol content decreases throughout the aging process because of alcohol evaporation. The alcohol thus lost is known as the ‘angels’ share’.

All our Armagnacs are bottled on receipt of the customer’s order: The Armagnac is placed in bottles, sealed with wax and labelled by hand. We are the custodians of the age-old expertise of the Goudoulin family, who made Armagnac Goudoulin into the crème de la crème of Armagnacs.

Our team

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Cellar master

Après avoir récolté une pluie de médailles d’or dans les grands crus classés de Provence, il continue sa moisson chez Goudoulin

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Directrice commerciale et administrative

A votre disposition pour vous rencontrer et vous accompagner dans le développement de vos projets au
06 14 55 90 26

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Sales menager

Elle répond à vos appels et gère vos commandes jusqu'à la livraison. Sandrine vous accueille au

05 62 06 35 02

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Préparatrice de commande

Elle veille rigoureusement à la bonne préparation de vos commandes en temps et en heure.

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Michel Miclo


Michel Miclo, owner of the Alsace-based family-owned G. Miclo Distillery, bought Armagnacs J. Goudoulin in 2009. He has formed a team that aims to develop the brand’s geographical reach and reputation..